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Engage your audience and grow your brand with professional video content marketing

Video is one of the most versatile and engaging content formats which exists today. Consumers love watching videos as it is easy to digest and entertaining, video is the perfect way to get your message across on multiple platforms.

Why Use Video For Marketing?


Video drives a 155% increase in organic traffic from search engines pages.
Almost 50% of users act after watching a video.
The average user spends almost 90% more time on websites which have videos.
45% of users watch over an hour of Facebook and YouTube videos a week.
Video is shared more often than content.

Video Content For Social Media

You video can be shown across most social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook Video Ads Drive More conversions

People not only watch videos, they also love to share it. Video consistently outperforms normal text and static image marketing by over 1200%.

Video Advertising

Video ads receive 20% more clicks than images. Your customers are watching videos!

Video Ads Convert Sales

Using videos to promote and sell your products can increase the chances of a shopper buying your product by up to 35%.

Does it Work?

Yes it certainly does, Video is shared much more often than content or static images

Google Loves Video

Google and the other big search engine companies love video content, openly prioritising video content which can increase a websites rankings.

Need more reasons to engage your customers with unique creative videos?

Contact us today for more information on how we can use video marketing to help you increase enquiries and sales.