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Bing Adwords Advertising

For businesses based in Blackpool, the Fylde Coast, Lancashire and around the U.K

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Bing Adwords

When it comes to marketing your business, you will be advised to take advantage of many different channels as they all have something different to offer.

Bing Adwords is a service offered by the search engine that belongs to Microsoft, Bing.

It is a consideration for many businesses and something that we are able to help you set up and take full advantage of to make sure you get the best results possible.

About Bing

Currently, Bing is a popular search engine that ranks below Google, which isn’t difficult as Google holds the market share, but there are still a lot of reasons why this might be an outlet worth considering for your business.

Bing has over 900 million searches, owns a 25% market share of desktop search devices and an 11% share of the overall search engine market.

Nine hundred million searches is a considerable amount of people looking for something, and your business could be it.

So Why Bing?

On all Pay Per Click advertising tools allow you to set your budget and they call it bidding on your keyword.

However, Google is so massively popular you might find your keyword hard to get any grip on because more prominent brands have it sewn up with the money you just cannot afford.

A quick reminder of PPC advertising, this is where it costs you money only when someone clicks on your advert. Now, that also makes it a pretty safe option. If no one clicks your advert you don’t spend any money but Bing is a smaller arena, and there is actually a possibility that your advert will reach more of the right people than it may do on Google.

Test the Market

Because your money is safe and completely within your control, you can even test the market.

If you set up Bing Adwords at the same time as Google Adwords, you have total visibility from the reporting tools to see what is working.

Bing can actually offer a better return on investment because the competition is not so fierce and finding a unique keyword that other people are not also using is going to be seriously difficult.

So, you have to pick the best keyword for your business and hope that you can get results.

Bing has a lot of tools on the platform that enables you to do some serious targeting which means you are also able to increase your chances of success.

Socially Interactive

Since 2014 Bing has made an effort to interact with other social platforms so when your advert is displayed, you will also notice that it displays the number of followers you have on the Twitter platform.

This is designed to give customers confidence, so there work to do to make sure you have a Twitter audience, but they are really working to help businesses find their most viable arena.

With plenty of reporting tools, this really could be an excellent option for your business and our team will be delighted to help you set up Bing Adwords if you would like to give it a try.