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If your current website is not mobile friendly you will be loosing out on site visitors, enquiries and sales.  All the websites we create are Google friendly and will work on 99% of screen sizes and devices including desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

We cover Blackpool, the Fylde Coast, Lancashire and around the UK

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Mobile Friendly Web Design

Having a website is a pretty vital component in the current digital age. You only have to look at the high street to see that people prefer to conduct their business online.

Even big chains have been forced to close shops as customers use computers and mobile devices to shop, arrange services and generally run their lives online.

However, a poorly designed website can almost be as bad as not joining the online revolution.


A good website focuses on the user experience (UX) and how easy it is to use and find information and products. It should be easy to navigate and for potential customers to find their way around easily.

Internet users have a low boredom threshold and will leave rather than stick around if they cannot immediately see what they are looking for.

It is therefore essential that while crafting a unique and individual site, you maintain certain conventions that users have got used to and expect when navigating sites.

Our Lancashire based web design team are ideally placed to make sure that your website is easy to use offering a storefront that draws customers in thanks to the skillful use of navigational techniques and calls to action buttons.


Increasingly internet users are opting to use mobile devices over laptops or desktop devices, so you have a double challenge on your hands.

Your website needs to have a perfect look and feel no matter how big or small the screen being used to view it is. This is known as mobile optimisation and is something we offer as standard with all our website designs.

By making sure your website is responsive displaying correctly on the device by detecting the type of mobile being used and adjusting the graphics and layout to perfectly fit.

This is so much better than users trying to scroll around a massive layout that was only designed with a desktop in mind.

As mobile use remains on the increase this is vital and something we are fully versed in to ensure your customers get the best possible experience no matter what device or screen size they wish to use.

Website Speed

The other consideration when it comes to web design is the speed the site operates at.

As previously mentioned internet users are not the most patient of creatures, they want it now. If they click on a page and the loading time is reduced, they will often walk away and look elsewhere.

Some of this is beyond your control as you have no say over their internet speed or connection type with 4G potentially being slower than broadband, but a badly designed site will only exacerbate the issue.

Loading times and refresh rates need to be fast and can be slowed by the use of weighty themes and plugins as well as other factors.

We guarantee to develop a site that offers rapid loading and response times so that your customers are never left hanging around waiting for the page to move on.