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Google Adwords Advertising

For businesses based in Blackpool, the Fylde Coast, Lancashire and around the U.K

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Google Adwords PPC Advertising

About Google Adwords

This might be a term you have heard about when looking into digital marketing, but perhaps not too sure what it means.

Google, the search engine giants, offers an advertising service called Google Adwords. It is a way of paying to get your website results in front of your desired audience when they use Google to search for something.

The keywords form the focus of this method, and your adverts will then rank higher in the search results, and these can be graphic adverts, in-app mobile adverts or YouTube adverts as well as the traditional text-based searches.

What is the Process?

Firstly you need to choose your keywords, but don’t worry too much we can always help you work out what your best keywords are.

The keyword is the central part of this, so we will be able to guide you to get it just right.

You then create your adverts in the format of your choice and tell Google what your budget is. Again we can help you with the whole process.  This is a method of advertising known as Pay Per Click (PPC) which means you only spend money when someone clicks onto your advert.

How highly your advert ranks depends on two key factors, the budget you allocate per click, and how well the keyword relates to your website. 

Is This a Good Method of Advertising?

One of the reasons that we rate highly Google Adwords is the PPC nature.

Imagine spending £5000 on a television advertising campaign but finding that it was airing on a sports channel when your product targeted say couple planning a wedding. Your ROI or return on investment might not be what you had hoped for.

Using PPC advertising means that people will click your advert if they are interested, there is no reason for them to bother clicking if they have no interest. So your £5000 budget sits there untouched until an interested party clicks for more information.

Straightway you have a ‘hot’ prospect, and your chances of conversion are higher than paying to stream your advert to the population at large regardless of who bothers to watch it.

Why Google?

Google is still considered the biggest search engine on the internet. It is statically determined that 90% of consumer searches in the UK route through Google.

By ensuring that there is no minimum cost per click budget the scheme is viable for all sizes of business, and the budget can be locked down so once it is used, the advert stops running.

The results they offer are updated quickly and are easy to follow so you can easily see if you are on the right track or missing the mark.

It can be targeted to a local or international audience depending on your service or product, meaning the chances of genuine potential customers seeing the advert increases again.

Finally, Google is huge, to put it bluntly, they have pretty much 2 million partner websites so you can be sure your advert will be noticed.