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When it comes to ensuring that your business gets maximum exposure on the internet, which let’s face it is a pretty colossal arena, you need to make sure you have taken advantage of every tool possible, and we are able to help you get everything in place. One thing we recommend you set up, or let us set up for you is your Google My Business.

What is Google My Business?

Well, Google My Business is a free service that is a little bit like a mini marketplace or social media platform. It is designed to make sure that your business is listed on maps and local listings so that you are not missed. Remember that Google is still the number one search engine in the UK so if your prospects are looking for a product or service you provide you want to do as much as you can to make sure your business is visible so taking advantage of this service is an absolute must.

Set Up Your Business

When you set up your account, you will be setting up your page, and this is where customers can learn more about you. As mentioned it is akin to a social media page, and you can post updates, photos and other interactions there. You will have to verify your page, and you want to ensure that you are optimising it well. If you have a physical location such as a shop or office you are encouraged to add photos of the building so that it is easily identifiable to customers. The verification process involves good old snail mail, and Google will pop a postcard over to you in the post. Once this arrives, you can use the verification code shown on it to confirm your identity and verify your page (again this is important to build customer trust so be sure to get this done as soon as it arrives). This is a great place for customers to interact and leave a review of your service, while this leaves you open to bad reviews, you should be proactive and respond to all feedback, demonstrating what you will do to correct things if a problem has occurred.

Google Maps

You will then also be able to set up on the mapping system, which means when customers look for you they can see visually where you are and how to find you. The mapping is also transferable to your website using an API, but we can sort all of that for you. This is an exercise in visibility as you want to make sure as many potential customers can find you. Now, if you are more based online don’t think you can get out of this one! Branding is so important and having a consistent brand on show in places customers trust will boost your reputation. Google is so well trusted it has become a household name. People no longer search for something on the internet - they Google it.