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If you look into advertising your business online, you will probably come across the term Pay Per Click or PPC. It is one of the things we can help you with and is a highly effective way to use your marketing budget, so how does it actually work?

Advertising Your Business

When you are trying to get your business out there and get more prospects, there are a few ways you can move forward. Organic reach is a free way to advertise, but it is perhaps the most difficult to get right. Paid advertising is the other alternative, and you can place adverts wherever you like, but this can be a bit like skywriting and hoping someone bothers to look up, and then that they happen to want your product or service. If you are going to use paid advertising you want to be targeting it, to ensure you get the best return for your money. 

Pay Per Click is Different

Pay Per Click is the perfect answer to this conundrum because rather than your advert running constantly and costing you money regardless of who sees it, you only pay when someone clicks on it. The idea being that using keywords your advert will only display when someone is searching for that keyword. This still costs you nothing; your advert essentially displays for free, you only pay when a user clicks onto the advert to see what it is all about. It stands to reason that if someone has used your keyword in their search, read your advert and then clicked on it, you have a serious prospect that may well turn into a conversion. The beauty of this method being that your ad won’t be seen by people who are not interested - you are not wasting your budget on those who will never be customers. 

Budget You Control

The best part about PPC advertising is that you control the budget and therefore how much you spend. You bid on your keyword, and this determines how high up the results your advert appears. While you might not be right at the top if you are a small organisation, you will have a high visibility and the strong ad that you design and place is what will encourage people to click on through to your site. If you have placed a £4 keyword and someone clicks on it, you spend £4, obviously. But supposing they go on to spend over £500 on goods and services, well you are clearly quids in and it was well worth it. The easiest, and most cost-effective PPC program is Google Ads, their sheer size and integration with nearly 2 million other sites mean you have so much scope to target your advert so that you are in the exact place people will search for your keyword. Joining Google Adwords is easy, and of course is something we can work with you on in order to ensure that you pick the best keyword for your company and get the highest ROI.